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Over the last decade, major achievements have been made in breast reconstruction following mastectomy surgery.

With extensive training and experience in microsurgery and breast reconstruction, Dr. Islur can rebuild your breast in such a way that your silhouette is once again complete and your self-image is restored.

Undergoing mastectomy surgery puts a lot of stress on the body and mind. Dr. Islur is here to help you feel your best so you can live your life, the way you want to.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery With Dr. Avi Islur

Selected as a Top Doctor by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals and spotlighted by The Leading Physicians of the World, Dr. Islur is known as a top rated Plastic Surgeon in Canada. He is also an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which includes worldwide leaders in plastic surgery and the highest standards of patient safety.

With extensive specialized training and experience in microsurgery and breast reconstruction, Dr. Islur can resize and reshape your breasts to restore comfort and achieve the aesthetic results you desire.

Please note that your breast surgery will be custom tailored to your unique needs, individual results may vary.

Understanding Breast Reconstruction. Learn More About Your Breast Cancer Surgery

When diagnosed with breast cancer, women have two main choices to make when considering reconstructive breast surgery:

  1.  When to have surgery?
  2. What type of surgery to have performed?

When Should I Have Reconstructive Breast Surgery?

Your oncologic breast surgeon and Dr. Islur will help you decide which option is best for you:

  • Immediate breast reconstruction

Women have the option to have immediate reconstruction of their breast(s) at the same time as their mastectomy. This is a reasonable option for most patients.

  • Delayed breast reconstruction

A woman may opt for delayed reconstruction if the mastectomy has already been performed. Many women did not know their breast reconstruction options at the time of mastectomy and thus Dr. Islur will help inform you of your options.

What type of Breast Reconstruction Should I Have?

A woman’s breast can be reconstructed in one of two ways:

  • Breast Implants

Implants are made out of silicone and can be inserted during or after a mastectomy. They are placed underneath the chest muscle. This is an excellent method for reconstructive surgery in women with small breasts, good skin quality, and who are relatively thin. Tissue expansion (staged reconstruction) may be required prior to formal implant placement in order to expand or “create” skin cover. This is accomplished by placement of a tissue expander. The expander is inflated or filled with saline over a number of weeks/months and is then replaced with a breast implant. Women requiring radiation after mastectomy or whom have already received radiation to the chest region, may not be good candidates for implant type breast reconstruction. Radiation causes fibrosis and scarring of the local tissues making expansion of the skin extremely difficult. Other options are available and Dr. Islur will discuss these options with you.

  • Flaps

During flap reconstruction, a breast is created using tissue taken from other parts of the body with excess fat, such as the back.  This donor tissue is taken along with blood vessels and is transplanted to the chest. An implant is also placed underneath the flap to recreate a breast. Recovery after these surgeries is generally 4-6 weeks. Flap reconstruction is the most common reconstruction chosen by Dr. Islur’s patients as it is felt that this provides the most natural appearance.

Dr. Islur performs a high volume of these surgeries and is constantly finding ways to make them even better.
The flap procedure performed by Dr. Islur for breast reconstruction include:

  • Latissimus dorsi

You will have scheduled follow-up appointments with Dr. Islur after your breast reconstruction surgery. All throughout your recovery time, you will have full access to Dr. Islur and his medical team for emergency calls and after hour care.

To learn more about your reconstructive breast surgery contact us, we’d love to hear from you!