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Crystal after her Tummy Tuck surgery

Crystal's Mommy Makeover With Dr. Avi Islur

Crystal gained over 60 pounds during pregnancy. She worked…
Dr. Islur in a plastic surgery consultation

Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation With Dr. Avi Islur

Watch this video to learn what you can expect from your cosmetic…
Suzanne after breast implant surgery

Learn About Suzanne's Breast Augmentation With Dr. Islur

Watch this video to learn about Suzanne's breast augmentation…
photo of two women talking at First Glance

Look Inside Our Clinic

Dr. Islur sees cosmetic patients at The First Glance Aesthetic…

Scheduling Your Surgery

We are very flexible with scheduling, and accommodating our patients…

Tummy Tuck Surgery After Having a Child

I am interested in getting a Tummy Tuck after my child is born…

Dr. Avi Islur's 5-Step Process

All of Dr. Islur's patients go through a 5-phase process, from…

Post Weight Loss Surgery

I am very excited to say that I lost over 100 pounds and well…