Breast Implant Revision in Winnipeg, MB
My Breast Surgery Was Performed By A Different Surgeon And I’m Not Happy With My Results, Can Dr. Islur Help Me?

A growing number of patients are seeking Dr. Islur’s help in correcting complications from previous breast surgeries performed by other surgeons.

If you are experiencing complications from your breast implant surgery such as capsular contracture, your breast implants are too close together, or the implants themselves have fallen down further than they should, Dr. Islur would be happy to see you in consultation to discuss your surgical options.

Dr. Islur has extensive training and experience with complex breast surgeries, if you are unhappy with your results, call 204.885.1569 to reserve your consultation.

Dr. Islur Explains Your Options For Breast Correction Surgery

In this video, Dr. Islur discusses breast correction surgery and the internal bra procedure that many cosmetic patients are seeking.

Watch this Video to learn about your surgical options.

How Much Does Breast Implant Correction Cost?

To get an approximate cost of your breast implant correction surgery call Dr. Islur’s Patient Coordinator at the First Glance Aesthetic Clinic & Surgery Centre 204.885.1569.

An exact quote will be provided after your in-clinic consultation with Dr. Islur by his Patient Coordinator. The exact cost of your surgery will be determined by your unique surgical requirements. Quotes are valid for 6 months from the date they are printed.

Out Of Province Patients From Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Regina, and Saskatoon

Dr. Islur’s active cosmetic surgery practice is growing with patients who travel from Canada’s largest cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Regina and Saskatoon for breast implant surgery. Most patients like to book well in advance, don’t miss out on your preferred surgery date, call 204.885.1569 to reserve your consultation today.

You can also learn more about breast surgery and your implant options by clicking here.

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