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Post Operative Care Instructions for Breast Reduction Surgery

Congratulations on your new chest! Now that your surgery is complete, we want to make sure you follow Dr. Islur’s instructions very carefully for optimal healing results. At this point of your breast reduction process, Dr. Islur has already thoroughly explained post operative care with you, however, if at any time you have questions, do not hesitate to call for further instruction. It’s time to heal so let’s get started with rest and relaxation…

REST + Relaxation

• It is ok to lie on your side. Do not lie on your chest.

•  Don’t plan on driving, have a healthy diet and get some sleep.

Your Daily Routine


• Wait 2 weeks before participating in physical activities that will increase your heart rate and blood pressure or cause your breasts to move significantly (ie: running and aerobics).


• Anti-Pain medication can be taken after surgery.

• It is important for you to resume prescribed medications unless otherwise stated by Dr. Islur.

• Take your antibiotics as prescribed at the appropriate times until completed.

• Apply Polysporin to your incision lines 1x a day once steri-strips are removed.


• Remove dressings 24 hours after surgery. Leave steri-strips in place for 3 to 4 days.

• You can shower. Wash with soap and water.

• Do not soak your surgical sites (no pools, hot tubs, or lake water) for 2 weeks.

• Dry surgical site by gently patting with a clean towel or allow to air dry.

• Bleeding from your surgical site may occur following surgery. If it occurs hold constant firm pressure for 10 minutes with a clean towel. If bleeding persists or one side is becoming much larger than the other, see our emergency care instructions below.


· Wear a non-underwire bra (unless otherwise directed) for 4 weeks.

Drain Care

• If drains have been placed; please contact nurse at (204) 237-2800 to have drains removed 24 hours following surgery unless otherwise directed.

• When drains are removed a small amount of yellow/pink/blood tinged fluid may ooze out of drain site for up to 3 days.

• Place a small amount of Polysporin onto drain site daily and cover with gauze or a feminine hygiene pad.

• Drain site will close in 3 to 7 days.

Two weeks after your surgery

Begin to massage your incisions with Vaseline body lotion or BioOil. Do not use vitamin E. If your incisions are going to be exposed to the sun, apply SPF 45 or higher for at least one year to prevent tanning.

Follow up appointments

You will have full access to Dr. Islur and his medical team during your recovery. Dr. Islur will inform you as to which clinic to visit for your follow up appointments.

If there is a concern about your surgery or your healing please call Dr. Islur’s nurse 204.237.2800 or call the office at 204.235.3020 (please state the date of your operation and the procedure you had performed). If on weekends or an emergency, please call 204. 237-2053 and ask to speak to with Dr. Islur or the plastic surgery resident on call.

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