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Should Your Breast Implants Go Above or Below The Chest Muscle?

This is a very common question Dr. Avi Islur gets for breast augmentation surgery.

The proper placement of your breast implants is a very important step in your augmentation because it has a direct impact on the aesthetic results you’re going to achieve.

If you’re coming into consultation with your mind set on the placement of your implants (above or below the chest muscle), we’re going to pull the reigns back here a little bit, so you thoroughly understand how proper placement of your implants is determined.

Just like all cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation is custom tailored to your unique needs and surgical requirements. Just because your friend, or an influencer on Instagram got her implants placed above (or below) her chest muscle, does not mean that’s the right fit for you. Remember that you are unique in every way. During your initial consultation, Dr. Avi Islur will take your unique measurements to determine whether your implants should be placed above (or below) your chest muscle.

Watch the video below to see Dr. Avi Islur in surgery and discover how natural breast tissue pinch thickness is measured prior to surgery.

How Does Dr. Avi Islur Decide Whether My Implants Should Go Above Or Below My Chest Muscle?

There’s multiple factors that go into whether your implants should be placed above (or below) your chest muscle.

One of the major factors is how much breast tissue you have prior to surgery:

  • In order to go above the muscle you must have at least 1.5cm to 3 cm pinch thickness of natural breast tissue that lays above the muscle.
  • If you have less than 1.5cm to 3cm pinch thickness of natural breast tissue prior to surgery, chances are your implants will be placed below your chest muscle.

In this video, Dr. Avi Islur demonstrates how he decides whether you are a proper candidate for implants placed above (or below) the chest muscle.

You can also see a lot more detailed information about your augmentation options on our breast augmentation surgery page.

If you’d like to come in to see Dr. Avi Islur so he can help you determine which implant placement is best for your augmentation surgery, you can call one of our Patient Coordinators at (204) 885-1419 , we’re happy to help you!

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