Should You Get Round or Shaped Breast Implants?

You have a lot of options when it comes to breast implants. They come in different shapes, textures, sizes, projections, material on the inside (silicone or saline), the shell of the implant, the list goes on, and on, and on. With so many different options and opinions online, we totally get how you can get overwhelmed with choosing which implant is best for your body.

The truth is there’s no such thing as “cookie-cutter” or one fits all when it comes to choosing breast implants. The right type of implant for your body will be determined by you and Dr. Avi Islur according to your desired aesthetic results and your unique surgical requirements. Just because your friend has a certain size or shape of implant doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you.

Q. What Type of Implants Does Dr. Avi Islur Work With The Most?

A. More often than not, 95% of Dr. Islur’s breast augmentation patients are a great fit for smooth, round shaped, silicone gel implants, also called “gummy bear implants”.

Why Smooth Round Shaped Breast Implants?

When you look at a round implant when placed inside the patient, with gravity, it looks very similar to a shaped implant. Once a patient stands up, the shape of the round implant naturally turns into the shape of a teardrop.

Pockets are made to fit the shape of your implant . If you decide to get shaped (or contoured implants) it’s important to know that if your lifestyle includes excessive exercise, vigorous activities, and repeated impact on your breasts, the shape of breast pockets for shaped implants can change over time. Breast pockets created for round implants do not.

This is why Dr. Avi Islur performs breast augmentation revisions (Dr. Islur corrects a lot of breast surgeries that were performed by other surgeons) on patients who originally decided on shaped also called contoured breast implants. The reason for revision surgery is because the pocket that was created for the shaped implant has changed over time.  Once the pocket changes shape, the shaped implant can rotate or even flip. That’s when breast revision surgery has to happen.

Dr. Islur is the “go-to” surgeon to correct botched breast augmentations that were performed by other surgeons. Patients travel from across Canada, the US, he’s even seen patients from Bermuda for revision breast surgery. He also works with patients who’ve visited Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow from Botched!

You can see a lot more information about your surgical options on our breast augmentation surgery page.

If you’d like to come in to see Dr. Islur so he can help you determine which implant is best for your augmentation surgery, you can call one of Dr. Islur’s Patient Coordinators at (204) 813-0305 , we’re happy to help you!