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What breast implant size will give me a cup change?

This is a question commonly asked and cannot be exactly answered as implant volume is not the only determinant that can translate in a cup size change.

Unfortunately many surgeons use a 200cc/cup rule. However, this is incorrect. Your chest circumference and the projection of the breast implant (also called profile) also comes into play. The higher the projection, the greater the change in cup size.

Implant volumes start at 75 cc and increase by 25 cc increments. Breast implants are available in 4 to 5 different projections.

If you want to use a generalization, it does depend on your chest circumference (bra band size) as smaller framed women require less breast volume changes to create a cup change while larger framed women require a larger volume change.

32 bra

1 cup: 125-150 cc

2 cups: 250-300 cc

3 cups: 375-450 cc

34 bra

1 cup: 150-175 cc

2 cups: 300-350 cc

3 cups: 450-525 cc

36 bra

1 cup: 200 cc

2 cups: 400 cc

3 cups: 600 cc           (not recommended) 

38 bra

1 cup: 225-250 cc

2 cups: 450-500 cc

3 cups: 600-750 cc (not recommended)

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