My breasts don’t match. One is much bigger than the other, it’s very obvious and has been bothering me for a while. I have to add extra padding to one side of my bra on a daily basis to make up for the difference. I’m looking for a solution.

Can Breast Augmentation Balance My Uneven Breasts?

Absolutely! Balancing the difference can be as simple as using two different sized breast implants. Your implants may vary according to their volume, projection, or both to make your breasts even. The goal is symmetry.

Is It Normal To Have Two Different Sized Breasts?

Having two different-sized breasts is a very common condition for women. In fact, most of the patients Dr. Islur sees for breast augmentation surgery have a certain level of breast asymmetry. For some women the difference in size and shape can be extreme.

What Is The Best Breast Size For Me?

The first step in correcting breast asymmetry is determining the ideal breast size for you. Dr. Islur has special training and experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, he will explain your options and will help you make this important decision. Questions to answer may include whether your smaller breast should be made bigger with a breast implant, or whether your bigger breast should be reduced.

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