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“Flash Recovery” Breast Augmentation and Keller Funnel

Recently, there has been a lot of attention on “Flash Recovery” breast augmentation surgery in the US media. This procedure was featured on shows such as; The Doctors, Ricky Lake, and Extra.

“Flash Recovery” is not a new surgical technique

Unfortunately, their viewers and the public have been misguided by those surgeons who are trying to gain popularity through the media by coining the phrase “Flash Recovery” breast augmentation or claim these techniques as something new and something to be desired. That is false information.

The techniques of using metal probes and blunt dissection with a finger tip or a crude instrument causing tearing of the tissues has not been used for many years, at least by myself and those of whom I trained under.

Meticulous blood control, called hemostasis, is obtained by using an electro-cautery. This instrument is the only instrument that is used to create a bloodless and clean pocket for your breast implant in every case.

Keller Funnel for quick Recovery

Perhaps the surgeon who coined this term, could have used of a Keller Funnel as well as this would have also minimized the pain his patients received, furthering their quick recovery. The shorter the scar, the less pain is involved. The Keller Funnel is a device that allows the surgeon to place an implant with diameters between 11-14 cm safely and easily through a 3-4.5 cm incision with minimal trauma to the soft tissue around the incision site and to the implant itself. This device is used in every breast augmentation performed by myself. Please note that your surgery and recovery will be custom tailored to your unique needs, individual results and recovery instructions may vary.

Do your research before trusting the media

Unfortunately this will not be the end of surgeons coining terms or phrases in an attempt to improve their profiles in the media. What patients and the public must understand, is that all up to date board certified plastic surgeons tend to use current techniques that minimize pain and blood loss, which ultimately creates a quicker recovery for the patient.

Whether you’d like to book your breast augmentation surgery or you’re just getting started with your research, we’re ready to help. Don’t miss out on your preferred surgery date, call us to reserve your consultation with Dr. Islur today.

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