Natural Fat Transfer with Dr. Avi Islur Winnipeg, MB

What Is Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular procedures Dr. Avi Islur performs at his cosmetic practice. This natural method of breast augmentation eliminates the need for implants altogether.

Your own natural fat will be collected via Liposuction from specific areas of your body. Once your fat is collected it will be purified, then meticulously injected into your breasts to create custom tailored, natural looking, fuller breasts.

How Is Liposuction Performed?

Tiny incisions and a thin cannula is used to collect fat from targeted areas of your body (such as your tummy, love handles, or thighs). The tiny incision lines will be strategically placed on hidden areas of your contour so they are barely visible. Most patients are surprised to see how small the incision lines are for Liposuction and how beautifully they heal and fade away over time.

Liposuction is a very precise form of Body Contouring. While Dr. Avi Islur is collecting your excess fat for your breast augmentation, he is also creating a beautiful, custom, new contour to further enhance your aesthetic results.

Where Will You Collect My Fat From?

Dr. Avi Islur’s preferred site for collecting fat via Liposuction is the abdomen or love handles. Thighs are not a preferred site for fat collection, however, they are great secondary site if more fat is needed.

Can I Get Capsular Contracture From Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

No, you cannot get capsular contracture from Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation.

Am I Too Thin or Skinny For Fat Transfer To The Breast?

It is possible to be too thin for fat transfer to the breast. You must have an adequate amount of fat on your abdomen, love handles, or thighs for a Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation.

You are an ideal candidate if you’re seeking a 1 to 1.5 cup size change with a natural contour and profile. It’s also important that your weight is stable and you have an adequate amount of fat on your abdomen, love handles, or thighs.

During your consultation with Dr. Avi Islur he will assess your existing measurements to determine whether you are a proper candidate for this procedure.

Should I Gain Weight Before My Fat Transfer?

While it might sound counterintuitive, we ask fat transfer patients not to gain weight prior to the procedure. Stable weight maintenance is ideal to achieve optimal results.

How Long Is The Wait For Surgery?

If you have a preferred surgery date, do not wait until it’s too late! Dr. Avi Islur is one of the busiest and most sought after plastic surgeons across Canada, he runs a very active cosmetic practice. Patients typically book well in advance for consultations and surgery dates.

You can call one of our Patient Coordinators at (204) 885-1419 to reserve your consultation today.

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