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What should I watch for during my initial breast augmentation consultation?

Breast augmentation, or any cosmetic surgery for that matter, is a very personal issue. Every patient has their wishes and wants for their outcome following surgery.

Your Plastic Surgeon’s Responsibility

It is extremely important that your surgeon listens very carefully to your questions and concerns, and addresses them all. It is the responsibility of your surgeon to be very clear and direct with you so you are fully aware if your breast augmentation goals are attainable or not.

Your Breast Augmentation Goals

For the most part, your breast augmentation goals will be able to be met; however, there are times where a patient’s breast augmentation goals are not surgically possible.  So remember to be open to suggestions or reasons why this may be.

Specific Breast Augmentation Measurements

Your surgeon should also measure your chest dimensions and understand the amount of breast tissue you currently have.  They should also point out any size discrepancies or nipple position differences present, as this may require different sized implants or a breast lift.

Choosing The Right Breast Implant Size + Position

The implants chosen by the surgeon are based on these measurements and your wishes for size following surgery. The surgeon should not only discuss sizing with you, but also placement of scar for insertion of the implant and placement of the implants in relation to your breast tissue (above or partially below your chest muscle).

Breast Augmentation Surgery Explained in Detail

Most importantly the surgeon should discuss your breast augmentation in detail, including the risks and expectations of surgery. Post-operative care instructions should also be discussed.

Meet Directly With Your Plastic Surgeon

Meet directly with your surgeon, not a nurse or an office manager. Some clinics want to schedule your initial consultation with staff other than a plastic surgeon. I strongly believe that a surgeon, not a nurse or office manager, should be the one personally involved at the time of your initial consultation since they know what is surgically possible, it is best to meet directly with the person who will be operating on you.

Your first meet with your surgeon should not be same day as your surgery! Make sure your surgeon is the one meeting with you directly for follow-up appointments  and is available if you have any questions or concerns.

Overall, you should feel well informed and comfortable with your surgeon after your first visit. If not, go back for a second visit or seek a second opinion with another surgeon.

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