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Breast Implant Removal/Breast Explant Surgery in Winnipeg, MB

There are a variety of reasons why a patient chooses to have their breast implants removed – different sense of aesthetics, change in lifestyle, not wishing to worry about potential for future surgery or issues with implants.

Although most issues with breast implants can be corrected through a variety of techniques and procedures, some patients may still wish to have them removed. Whatever the reason, Dr. Avi Islur is here to help.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery With Dr. Avi Islur

Dr. Avi Islur is a Board Certified Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon located in Winnipeg, MB. Dr. Avi Islur has trained many other Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons around the world and served as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Saint Boniface Hospital and as the Program Director for the Residency Training Program at the University of Manitoba in the past. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Manitoba.

Dr. Avi Islur is an executive member of the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

With extensive specialized training and experience in breast reconstruction and cosmetic breast surgery, Dr. Avi Islur can resize and reshape your breasts to achieve the aesthetic results you desire.

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Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Breast Implant removal is performed under general anesthetic and usually takes between 1.5-3 hours. During the surgery, the original incision scar in the breast crease (inframammary crease/fold) is reopened. The incision is often made a few centimeters longer depending on the size of the original scar.

Unfortunately, if the original incision was made in the areola or in the arm-pit they typically cannot be used again due to difficulty visualizing the breast implant capsule and desire to limit damage to overlying breast tissue. A partial capsulectomy is performed at the time of breast implant removal to allow for proper healing and to minimize complications. Surgical drains are always placed after the procedure for 3-5 days.

Depending on the size of the implants being removed and/or a patient desire to limit loose skin or a sagging breast, breast Implant removal surgery is often combined with a breast lift. If a patient desires a more natural way to augment the size of their breast, fat grafting can be performed at the time of breast implant removal.

Partial Capsulectomy or Total Capsulectomy

Which is right for me?

Breast implant removal surgery typically involves removal of the breast implants and a partial removal of the capsule (a thin film produced by your body around any foreign body) that forms around the implant. A partial capsulectomy is typically only required to allow for proper healing and to minimize complications.

A total capsulectomy is sometimes chosen or suggested in a rare instance by Dr. Islur. This uncommon circumstance typically involves removal of very old implants in which calcification of the capsule occurs.

Patients may also choose to have the entire capsule removed along with the implant.  Typically such cases in which the patient chooses to have the entire capsule removed are:

  1. The patient believes that the implants are making them sick (Breast Implant Illness). Please note that current scientific research and published literature indicates that removal of the entire capsule does not result in a improved resolution of Breast Implant Illness symptoms over partial or no removal of capsule.
  2. Cases in which textured Biocell implants have been placed. These Biocell implants have been associated with the development of Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA -ALCL) in 1 in 3000 patients. The main sign of this occurring is a sudden swelling in one of the breasts after having had the implants for many years.  There is no scientific evidence to date that suggests that total capsulectomy without symptoms reduces a patients’ lifetime risk of developing this rare cancer and therefore the choice to undergo a total capsulectomy is personal. If there is suspicion of BIA-ALCL, Dr. Islur will discuss the next steps in your treatment plan and likely refer you to a surgical oncologist at CancerCare Manitoba.

Regardless of the type of capsulectomy, the capsule removed is always tested for the presence of abnormal cells or cancer.

What to Expect Before + After Your Breast Implant Removal Surgery

At your consultation, Dr. Avi Islur will spend as much time as you need to discuss your breast implant removal surgery and will answer all of your questions.

What Is Breast-Implant Illness (BII)?

Breast implant illness is a term that has been given to describe a rare autoimmune condition that maybe associated with the presence of breast implants. Scientific research is being conducted in this area to determine if or what maybe the cause of a patients’ symptoms which may include feeling unwell, a lack of energy, joint/muscle pain as well as a number of other symptoms not involving the breast itself. The reason for further research is due to environmental (pollution, ground water contamination, pesticides) and genetic causes for a patient’s symptoms rather than the breast implants themselves being the culprit (medical causes and blood tests are typically normal).

Despite these medical findings, many patients choose to have their breast implants removed along with a total capsulectomy (removal of the entire capsule). Some patients do find relief of their symptoms once the implants are removed, however not all patients receive resolution of their symptoms. The decision to perform a total capsulectomy in this group of patients is a personal choice. It is important to know that scientific literature supports that once an implant is removed, the capsule slowly over time disappears unless calcified.

What Is An En Bloc Capsulectomy?

The term “en bloc” capsulectomy is often used interchangeably with a total capsulectomy; however, this term should only be used in reference to a cancer operation in which normal tissue is also removed in addition to the tumor. There is no reason to remove normal breast tissue in a non-cancer situation.

Are There Any Risks To Performing A Total Capsulectomy?

If the implants were placed above the muscle in the sub-glandular or sub-fascial plane, a total capsulectomy is relatively safe to perform. However, if the implants are located under the muscle, removal of the posterior capsule which lies on top of the ribs can be quite difficult. Risks can include but are not limited to chronic pain to the intercostal nerves, lung injury, blood vessel injury.

Is Financing Available?

Yes, financing is available. We work with a credit company called MediCard that specializes in financing options for cosmetic surgery. To apply for financing, you will contact MediCard directly. It’s easy and fast to apply, you can apply online or over the phone, they approve financing based on your credit history. Once you are approved, you can go forward with securing your surgery date.

You will receive an exact quote for your cosmetic procedure during your consultation with Dr. Avi Islur. If your financing is secured you can book your preferred surgery date right away.

MediCard is not your only option for financing. You can also contact your bank to see if they can offer you lower interest rates.

If you would like to learn more about your financing options, please call one of our Patient Coordinators at (204) 885-1419 for more details.

How Long Is The Wait For Surgery?

If you have a preferred surgery date, do not wait until it’s too late! Dr. Avi Islur runs a very active cosmetic practice. Patients typically book well in advance for consultations and surgery dates.

On average, the wait time is about two months from the time of your consultation.

If you have a preferred surgery date, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call (204) 885-1419 and speak to one of our Patient Coordinators to reserve your consultation today.

Out Of Province Patients

Dr. Avi Islur’s active cosmetic surgery practice is growing with out of province patients who travel across Canada for Breast Implant Removal surgery in Winnipeg, MB. If you are an out of province patient, please let us know so we can accommodate an appropriate time for your consultation and surgery date.

RealTime Video consultations are available for patients who live outside of Manitoba.

We ask Breast Implant Removal patients to stay in Winnipeg, MB for 3 days. This will be discussed in detail during your Video Consultation with Dr. Avi Islur.

Most patients like to book well in advance, don’t miss out on your preferred surgery date, call 204-885-1419 to reserve your consultation today.


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