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Recovering From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Recovery from breast augmentation is usually within 1 week or less.

  • Plan on 3 to 5 days of no obligations to rest after your surgery.
  • Avoid lifting 15 to 20 pounds for about 4 to 6 weeks after your breast augmentation.

Returning to Work

The type of job you have plays into your recovery time. If you have a non-physical job (ie: desk job) you can return to work sooner than someone with a physically demanding job (ie: work that requires lifting).

On average, patients with a desk job can return to work within 4 to 5 days after breast augmentation surgery. Patients with a physically demanding job can return to work closer to 2 weeks after breast augmentation surgery.

Keep in mind that the position of your implants will have an impact on your recovery time. Breast implants placed below the chest muscle (sub-muscular) can take a little longer to recover than breast implants placed above the chest muscle.

Your breast augmentation will be tailor-made to meet your unique requirements, individual results may vary. You will get specific post-operative care instructions and a recovery timeline from Dr. Islur at your consultation.


You can lie on your side, not on your chest.

  • You can go for light walks the day after your breast augmentation surgery.
  • Wait 2 weeks before participating in vigorous exercise or physical activities that will cause your breasts to move significantly (ie: running and aerobics). We want to keep your heart rate and blood pressure down during this time.


You can shower with soap and water.

  • Do not soak your surgical sites (no pools, hot tubs, or lake water) for 2 weeks.
  • Dry surgical sites by gently patting with a clean towel or allow to air dry.


Anti-pain medication can be taken after your breast augmentation surgery.

  • Resume any prescribed medications unless otherwise stated.
  • Take antibiotics as prescribed.

Bra Wear

Wear your surgical bra for 1 week.

  • Wear an underwire bra (unless otherwise directed) for 4 weeks.

Post Surgery Follow up Care

You will have scheduled follow-up appointments with Dr. Islur after your breast augmentation surgery. All throughout your recovery time, you will have full access to Dr. Islur and his medical team for emergency calls and after hour care.

To learn more about your breast augmentation surgery contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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